Tuesday, May 17, 2016

National Geographic Exhibition

At the moment there is a great picture exhibition at the gallery inside the MBC building in Daegu. It is titled “World of Mystery”. National Geographic is famous for amazing photography and that is exactly what is on show in this exhibition.
When you arrive it is impossible to miss the huge MBC building.
The entrance to the exhibition is easy to find too, with the easily recognisable National Geographic yellow all over the main entrance.
As soon as you enter, you will be greeted by some friendly National Geographic employees and you can find the ticket booth to the right of the entrance.
Tickets are 13,000 won per adult, 10,000 won for elementary to high school students and 8,000 won for younger children.  (There are discount adult tickets for 9,000 won on some e-commerce websites, but be warned that those tickets can’t be used on the day of purchase so be sure to buy them in advance).
Audio guides are also available for hire for 3,000 won per person, but unfortunately they only offer Korean language audio guides.

There are 5 themes inside the exhibition.
·         · History of National Geographic
·         · Mystery of Ancient Civilisation
·         · Mystery of the Universe
·         · Mystery of the Wild
·         · Mystery of the Water World
Inside the gallery each picture has some information about what it is, this is only in Korean again but it doesn’t take anything away from the amazing photography.
I spent about an hour walking around the exhibition and enjoying the photography at very leisurely pace. Make sure that you don’t miss the underwater gallery on the second floor (I almost did).  
Upstairs there is also a small souvenir shop that has some small posters, postcards, books and animal figurines for sale.

In the foyer next to the ticket booth there is a stand for subscribing to National Geographic. Make sure you pick up your free poster of the world from them!

■ Website: http://www.ngphoto.co.kr/ (in Korean)
When: 10am – 7pm everyday. Until Sunday the 12th of June.
Where: MBC Building Exhibition Hall. (400 Dongdaegu-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu)

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  1. I've been to the exhibition a couple of years ago @ Seoul. No doubt it's worth to visit.