Tuesday, May 10, 2016

[Press/Article] Colorful Daegu's little reporter Min Hee's TV interview!

On Friday, we went on a hike.  We normally hike on Sundays, but this weekend we went to the Colorful Festival on Saturday and Sunday.  This hike was special, we had a guest.  He was following us to interview Min Hee for the KBS- Daegu Television show, Heangbok Channel ( Happy Channel ).  The interview will be aired on Tuesday, May 10th at 5:20 pm.

We did our normal hike and along the way, we stopped to answer questions and take videos and stills.

At one point there were some fellow hikers who took an interest in Min Hee.  They noticed that she was wearing her press badge.  One woman was very nice and asked Min Hee many questions.  This turned into her being a part of the interview!

Min Hee actually fell in love with the director!  Unhappy Daddy!

Min Hee is really excited about posting the video of the shoot to her facebook page “ Where in Daegu is Min Hee?” so her family back in the USA can see how fun it was.  We hope you enjoy the show!  Min Hee really wants to be a good reporter and represent our beautiful city, Colorful Daegu!


  1. Min Heeah!! I am very happy to see you get some posts to the blog! Let's see more!

  2. Min Hee it looks like you had fun on that hike. I wish I could go on a hike with you. So glad you are having fun reporting all the fun times in Daegu. The sites there are amazing.

  3. I enjoy the time I can spend with her while we get fresh air and exercise.