Monday, May 9, 2016

[Press/Article] Free solar powered Bicycle pumps around Daegu

Free solar powered bicycle pumps around Daegu

The weather is getting better so it is time to dust off the bicycle that has been locked at the entrance of your apartment building and explore Daegu. Maybe your tyres need some air but you don’t know where to go or the bike shops are all closed. Don’tworry. Daegu has it covered. 

Around Daegu you can find these solar powered pumps (태양광자전거공기주입기) that are free to use day and night. 

This one is in the car park at Jung-gu Office (중구청). 

There are many others (more than 40 pumps in Daegu) including:
Exit 2 of Sinmae Station.
Exit 2 of Sawol Station.
Next to Daegu Bank Station.  
Exit 3 of Beomeo Station.
Suseong-gu Office Station.
2.28 Park northwest.
Front of Lotte Young Plaza.

Some stations have tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and spanners to use for free too.

To use the pump, just attach to nozzle to the valve on your bike then press and hold the red button on the post until your tyre is full. Be careful though, if your value requires an adapter you will have to provide that yourself. They can be easily bought online or from any small bike shop.

There are also lots of these pumps along the Shincheon river cycle path so you shouldn’t be too far away from one if you need some air during your riverside cycle. 

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