Thursday, June 16, 2016

Daegu Flat Dumpling!

Have you ever tried Daegu’s Flat dumplings? Those really flat dumplings you can order with Ddukbokki, you see if on the pictures. It is one of Daegu’s top 10 most famous Korean foods. One of Daegu '10Mi' meaning Daegu's Tasty 10.

Flat Dumplings (Napjak Mandu) first started in the 1960s, Daegu people ate buns stuffed with things like Chinese noodles. At that time, it was the most inexpensive way to fill your stomachs. The flat dumplings have a half-moon shape with little fillings, Chinese noodles, Korean leeks and scallions.

It is one of the cheapest and most tasteful foods you can find on the streets of Daegu with almost every street vendor that sells Ddukbokki will have it. There are some restaurants and specialize on this and make amazing flat dumplings. The tastiest way to eat flat dumplings is with Dukbokki, eating it with the red sauce, can’t get a better snack food in Korea.

You can find some of the best flat dumplings in the underground market near Daegu station, there are store that have been there for a very long time, and still get packed during lunch time. Next time you happen to eat some Korean street food, just ask for (napjak Mandu). You won’t regret it.

The map below is where the underground mall near Daegu station whichthe some of the best flat dumplings.

There is a subway stop called Daegu station doesn't show on the map but it's there. J

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