Thursday, June 30, 2016

Daegu International Musical Festival 2016 Opening Ceremony

The Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF) 2016 opened last Friday in Duryu Park with a special opening ceremony featuring lots of performances by artists from around the world. The weather forecast wasn’t the most appealing but fortunately the rain stopped a few hours before the event began and gave us some amazing sunset skies.
I got there early to secure a seat in front of the stage. It was a good choice as the seats were quickly filled up and people had to watch from behind.

Before the main show started, we were able to watch the performers doing their rehearsals and sound checks in their casual clothes.

Even the rehearsals had some amazing singing and live music.
Around Duryu Park had stalls set up selling tickets for DIMF, snacks and giving away free beer!
Before the professionals took the stage we were treated to performances by students from universities around Daegu. They gave some powerful solo and team performances of songs and parts of the well-known musicals Jesus Christ Superstar and 42nd Street. From seeing these short glimpses I would definitely recommend going to see some of the amateur performances during this festival.
As the performances continued, the nights sky took over the show for a few minutes as it started to look like a stunning pink and purple painting overhead.
The show continued with the professional performers giving spectacular renditions of songs from various well known musicals such as Cats, Les Miserables and Wicked to name a few.
There were songs in Korean, English, Chinese and even Japanese performed by artists from around the world. The production was top notch throughout, as you would expect for the 10th Annual DIMF.
The show ended with fireworks, literally, during the final performance of songs from Mamma Mia. Unfortunately the fireworks were behind the stage so I couldn’t see them from my seat but that didn’t take anything away from the amazing opening ceremony of the 10th DIMF.

BONUS: Some fans were making LED signs on their phones for the actors. I saw one that had me confused for a little while until I noticed the name of American actor. Her sign said, “작은빵!!”. Small bread??

The actor who came out next was called Brad Little. Hahaha


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