Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Daegu Tour-The Smart Device App

Here is a Smart Device Application that is in English, Japanese, Chinese, and of course Korean.  I found it very easy to use and filled with details on tour destinations in the Daegu area. I want to tie this in with other reports on two different walking tours in downtown.

This app has several cool functions to help with navigating the many sites to visit in and around the city.  Information on Tourist Spots, Special Tourist Courses Event Schedules, Food and Accommodations is all included in this app.

I find the information to be easy to understand and use.  There are loads of sites to visit in the city and I expect visitors will have an easier time navigating to them using this app.

There are high resolution photos of each location around the city and the addresses are posted in English.  Although, I could not copy and paste the address, I found that using any of the mapping apps worked well with manually typing the address into the app.

The most exciting part of the app is the information on the many festivals offered in the city!  This will be helpful when we plan events for our daughter Min Hee or our family.  I hope that you are able to get as much use out of the app as we will. I want to thank the app developers for putting it together for all of us to enjoy!

The application is in the Android Play Store and it is FREE!  The Application name is Daegu Tour.

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