Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gyo-dong Dokkaebi Night Market

A few weeks before Seomun Night Market opened, Gyo-dong Dokkaebi Night Market had already been open a few weeks, selling various dishes and snacks at night time. It is open everyday from 7pm to 12am. Weekdays are a bit quieter so it may close a little earlier.
A Dokkaebi is an ogre that is prevalent in lots of Korean fork tales and is the mascot of this night market. You can find a large, bright, inflatable Dokkaebi at either end of the night market.
There are around 10 to 15 different stalls on the street that all offer a different kind of food.
Some stalls sell classic night time food such as chicken feet and hot dogs, whereas some others sell things that I’ve never seen before.  
Steak burgers and sushi made with raw meat amongst others.
There are places to sit down and enjoy your food behind the stalls or you can choose to take your food home to eat.
Gyo-dong Dokkaebi Night Market is located close to downtown, between Daegu Station and Jungang-ro Station. If you follow the big main pedestrian path (not the road) from Daegu Station towards downtown, it will be on your left side, down one of the first big alleyways. It is fairly hard to miss!


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