Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hike from Apsan to Wolgwang Lake

We started our hike at about 7:30 in the morning.  The weather was nice and we were able to get more than half way through Gosan Valley with no problems. We needed to shift gears about 40 minutes into the hike as it began to rain lightly. 

We stopped and had a quick meeting to decide what our plan should be.  We were in high spirits at that point.
We needed to get out some rain gear and stow our cameras, phones, and wallets. At this point we decided to continue on with our hike.  The weather was very comfortable and we headed out.
We continued on to the top of the ridge between Apsan and Sanseong.  After crossing the ridge we began our decent into the next valley and then up the side of Cheongryong Mt.  The farther we went the worse the weather became.  The entire valley was filled with low hanging clouds. At around two hours into the hike we were nearing the helipad the trail took us right to the edge of a cliff and we took a break.
We were at about 650 meters high and we could not see the valley floor or Daedeok Mt or Ap Mt.  We were, at this point well above the clouds. The rain and wind picked up for the next thirty minutes or so.  We pushed up to about 753 meters.  This was about 1130 in the morning.  The weather was getting a little less harsh and we wanted to snap some photos and move on for lunch.

After we had our lunch we continued along the ridge.  We arrived at the point where we could have stayed on the trail to Biseul Mt.  We decided that we were too wet to do another 10 – 15 kilometers. 
At this point we had clocked in about 12 kilometers. We went down into the valley and headed for Wolgwang Lake.  From there we grabbed a bus and headed back into the city. At the bus we had logged in 16 kilometers.  Good hike!

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