Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Korean Western Fusion Music Concert

Korean Western Fusion Music Concert

June 9th (Thu) there is going to be a fusion concert at the Daegu Cultural Arts Center in the Palgong Hall. The theme of this concert is wIth the harmony of Korean and Western music there is infinite possibilities. If you are a fan of the arts this is the concert for you and it isn't that expensive. Every seat in the house is 5,000 won and you will be able to experience amazing music. 

From start the finish there is going to be Gayageum Performances, Dance, Gayageum with violin and so much more fusion music. This is an opertunity to really soak in the future of music and maybe a window into where modern classical music will go.

Don't miss out on this amazing concert, it is never too late to try new things and even if you aren't a classical music lover this is something I think you will enjoy. Hope to see you there.

Date: 2016 June 9th (Thursday) 7:30 PM
Location Daegu Cultural Arts Center (대구문화예술회관) 

You can buy the tickets at, or call 1588-7890

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