Monday, June 13, 2016

Lake and Reservoir Series (Part 1) : Bongmu

Daegu is known for its hiking trails and tasty restaurants. But Daegu also has some stunning reservoirs and lakes. Many of which are located in the northern parts of the city. Summer is fast approaching. The rivers may start to look a little dried up, but there are opportunities to view the city’s other sources of water. You’ll be able to appreciate the ample number of lakes surrounding the metropolitan region. Here is oneof the fourpart series of the lakes and reservoirs that are a must see.
Walk the trail around the lake or hike into the mountains
Go wakeboarding or ride the motored duck boats. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed in the lake.
A small rock climbing wall that’s perfect for bouldering.
Take a tour inside of the Butterfly Museum, which is open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm. There are over 1000 different species of well-preserved butterflies and beetles on display.
Also in the Butterfly Museum, you can view live insects and salamanders.

Restaurants and cafes: There is a small coffee shop by the lake, and a few chain coffee shops before entering the lake. There are several restaurants located there near the area as well.

How to get there: Take the Bus Red 1 (급행 1) heading towards Palgongsan (팔공산) at the ‘Novotel Ambassador’. Stop at Korea Textile &Fashion Polytechnic University Campus (한국폴리텍대학섬유패션캠퍼스). Stay on the same side and walk towards the Bongmu Park sign. It is a 15min walk from the bus stop.

Google map:
Daegu, Dong-gu, Bongmu-dong, 산135-2

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  1. I love the outdoors! Thanks, Jenny, I look forward to reading the other articles in the series.