Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Movies Under the Stars

Hot summer night witha lover, a friend or family enjoy a nice movie with cool wind and under stars.

Tired of watching movies in a theater? or at home? At Suseong Lake they will be hosting a movie under the stars. Every second and fourth Monday at 8 pm bring your mats and popcorn and come enjoy a nice night under the stars with a movie and a good friend. Even if you have seen these movies its that experience of going out and taking in nature and enjoying the cool wind in the night with a sense of community.

Avengers:Age of Ultron, Ode to my father, Don't cry Tonz, Spy, Ice Age 4, Three Idiots.

Movie night can be cancelled because of the weather so if it is raining mean the movie is cancelled. There is no cost to watch the movie so feel free to bring as many people as you can possibly can.

If you type in Suseong lake, (수성못) into google maps you should be able to find it. for a basic idea check the map below.


  1. For Korean movies or the Bollywood movie, will there be English translations or just shown in original language?

    1. There won't be English translations.. Sorry! :(

  2. What Language of Ice Age 4 movie, English or Korean?

    1. Ice Age 4 is a Korean dubbed movie. Other foreign movies were played as English ver. with Korean subtitles, however, Ice Age 4 is going to be dubbed one since most of the watchers are children. Sorry!

  3. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck.
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