Friday, June 24, 2016

Nakdong River Memorial Hall – At Apsan Park

Min Hee wanted to see the museum at Apsan Park.  Her dad thought it would be a good idea to report about it as the 25th of June commemorates the start of the Korean War.  Currently there is a display of photos from modern times that shows the aggression of North Korea against the people of South Korea.
Once inside we met a volunteer.  Min Hee showed her badge and gave her a name card. The woman took her time and explained what we were going to learn. The first display is a timeline of what lead up to the Korean War from 1945 until the armistice in 1953.

Min Hee asked why the helmet was on the rifle.  This is a display of a hasty grave for a fallen soldier.  She didn’t like to hear that, but she thought it was interesting.
Also on display are many of the weapons that were used during the war.  They are sometimes difficult to explain about to young children, although the volunteer guide did her best to keep it a light conversation.  At this point the volunteer said goodbye and we headed up to the second floor.
Min Hee thought the display of “dog tags” (identification tags) was interesting.  Her mommy told her daddy was a soldier and has some at home.  Min Hee asked to see them later.
Toward the end of the display on the second floor are cartoon drawings depicting the harsh living conditions of the Korean people.  There are drawings showing everything from hunger to torture and abuse at from the soldiers of North Korea.  Min Hee said they are bad people!
Displayed in front of the Hall are the flags that represent all the nations who sent soldiers to fight the aggression of the north and put an end to the war.  Oddly, there was a slight breeze and the American Flag caught the breeze and stretched out for this little girl and her dad.
Also in front of the Hall are several pieces of heavy equipment.  Some of the displays show items used during the Korean War, and others show types of equipment used after the war.

For direction to the Nakdong River Victory Memorial Hall, I suggest searching your favorite GPS or mapping app for Apsan Park.  We usually use the 410-1 from one of the subway station between Youngnam University Hospital and Anjirang Station.

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