Friday, June 3, 2016

Special Korean Bronze Ware Museum Exhibit

Special Korean Bronze Ware Museum Exhibit.

From May 24th until August 25th, there is going to be a special display on Historic Korean Bronze ware at the Bangjja Yugi Museum. They are going to showcase beautiful pieces but this time, they are going to go in depth on the artwork, symbols and writing on them.
 They will have 50 different types works, and on them it ranges from the simple artwork to the more extravagant. Most times Bronze ware was a gift with a significant meaning, from hoping them for a long life to a happy marriage these were not just ordinary bowls.
 Through this people you might find another part of Korean History you never thought you would find. I hope to see you there.
If you take a bus from downtown at Yangnyeongsi, take Fast 1 (급행1) north to get there. It will take about 50 minutes. The stop is called Bangjja Yugi Museum (방짜유기 박물관).
Head to 'Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum' to get more information.

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