Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Cherry Picking

Want to go out to the country side and do something? Well here is a chance for you to do something very productive while getting time to relax in the sun, do some work, talk a nice walk in the countryside. They are open every Saturday until the end of June so don't think too long and go and try it!

It will cost 17,000 KRW to pick your cherries and of course you get to take one box home. If you like cherries then this is the place for you. Daegu is famous for its fruits and vegetables so don't miss out on this, seeing everything sides of a country is what its all about.

Also in the area there is a tree that is 350 years old, it is very famous and place worth checking out while you are there. Here is the link for more details.

Directions and Info

If you type in (대구광역시 동구 둔산동 491-1) into google maps it should show you the buses that go there. check below to get and idea where it is. The name of the farm is 별그린농원.Call (010-3503-2202/010-8838-4864) for more info.

 The route I picked here is from down town, using the red line to Haean Station (해안역) and took a bus from there called Donggu 3 (동구3) and take off at Haean Elementary School (해안초등학교). 

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