Monday, June 20, 2016

Unseen Daegu Art Alley

Near Suseong-gu, there is a alley where various artist have donated their time and skill to make the neighborhood a better and nicer place, the alley name is Eh-Oom-Ah-Ri Road. The entire alley is filled with cool wall art with many different concepts and styles. This is the type of place you go on a walk to soak up freedom of art and take some really cool urban pictures.

The idea behind the wall art alley is to make a new and fun neiborhood without destroying what was but to add to the beauty that was already there. The Daegu government has been trying hard to keep the history that is the real Korean neiborhoods alive and to keep these neiborhoods from collapsing. Come and walk down some history and enjoy some amazing art work

You forget that before all of these apartments and big buildings came along, Korea had small building in neighborhoods like these, they were small and had a sense of community which is slowly disappearing. I hope you will show your interest in the beauty of the old fashion Korean way :)


If you type in 대구광역시 수성구 국채보상로 207길 into Google maps it should show you where it is.
Check the map below for a quick check :)

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