Friday, July 29, 2016

Daegu Chimac Festival 2016

The Daegu Chimac Festival back for its 5 day celebration of one of the best things in Daegu, fried chicken! “Chimac” or Chicken and beer is a staple part of the diet of most Koreans and foreigners who live in Korea. With its various delicious tastes and flavours offered by different brands it has become a part of Korean culture, playing a big part in Korean TV dramas and films.
The opening ceremony on Wednesday was really fun. There were endless booths of different brands chicken lining the streets of Duryu park and the surrounding areas. One of my favourite brands, DDangDDang chicken (땅땅치킨), seems to have a really big presence at this years festival which made me very happy ^^.
As well as Korean fried chicken brands, there are lots of other stalls where you can find other types of chicken too. One booth offers American style fried chicken, chips and waffles. They will also give you free fans and small goodies as you take a look around.
Most of the bigger booths hold small events where you can win free water, soft drinks and chicken! Sometimes just being a foreigner will bag you some free chicken, the staff approached me several times to give me directions to free chicken.

There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy your chicken and beer scattered around the different venues. For a simple small can or cup of Cass beer it will cost 2,000 won, which is very affordable. 
If you fancy something a little more interesting then you can head to the craft beer and ale booths near the 2.28 memorial. There are some really good beers on offer for about 4-6,000 won per cup. 
There is lots of entertainment on the main stage from about 7:30 – 10pm. Famous K-pop groups will be attending every day and every night until around 10pm has a DJ playing EDM music.  The opening ceremony had performances from an American army band, Sistar and ZE:A.
 The Chimac Festival is open every day until Sunday the 31st of July. Don’t miss out on the fun this weekend!

During the opening day I saw 4 or 5 people being carried out by the security staff. They all looked like they had passed out, probably due to the combination of the heat and alcohol. Daegu is very hot these days so make sure to drink enough water while enjoying the festival. 

Duryu Park Outdoor Swimming Pool

July is heating up! I’m sure you’ve read in the news that this summer will be the hottest one on record. The city of Daegu already has the reputation of being one of the hottest areas in the country. Are you looking for a place to stay cool and beat the heat? Look no further than the outdoor public swimming pool in the heart of Duryu Park. 
Children and adults of all ages can have fun in this public facility.
 There is an Olympic size pool for recreational swimming and several lanes designated for lap swimming.
There is also a large shallow depth swimming area with fountains and inner tubes for children. The area is surrounded with cabanas that offer shade during the hot afternoon sun. 
And slides that are fun for everyone!
  • You must wear a swimming cap in the pool.
  • There are intermediate breaks every hour between swimming sessions when you must exit the pool.
  • There are separate locker and showering facilities for men and women.
  • Lockers are provided when you enter the changing room. You must give a deposit of 1,000won. You’ll get it back when you return your locker key.

Open period: Now ~ August 15, 2016.
Hours of operation: 10:00 ~ 18:00
Admission fee: Adults 2,000won, Youth 1,500won, Children 1,000won

Address: 197, Gongwonsunhwan-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu

Get off at Seongdangmot station (line 1), exit 1 or 3. Or get off at Duryu station (line 2), exit 14. Walking from both stations takes around 15mins or a 3-5 minute taxi ride. You can also take bus numbers: 202, 202-1, 452, 600, 618, 650, 706, 836.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Daegu Chimac Festival and upcoming summer festivals in Daegu

Chimac Festival

Starting July 27th Wed until the 31st of July for 5 days there is going to be a huge chicken and beer festival in Duryu park, Peace market and E world. There is going to be 92 companies with 222 booths with crazy events that include beer competitions and such. Also there is going to be a city water slide which is going to be amazing so don't miss out.

Around Duryu Park, various themed zones located including chicken&beer live pub(at the parking lot of February 28 Democratic Movement Memorial Monument) and chicken&beer picnic hill(at outdoor music hall).


The program continuing from 12pm to 10pm during the  festival period. If you want to see all the programs, click the link here ▶

As time went by, the fever of festival is getting hotter and hotter!

If you can't join the festival but you really eager to, don't be disappointed! There is a good chance you can see the site of festival! Chimac Festival will be broadcasted on the Daegu Korean Facebook, so you can watch the show in real time. Here is the link of Daegu Korean Facebook page ▶

More information
Tel.  053-248-9998

Daegu Horror Festival

Another event starting on July 27th until the 31st is going to be help at the Daegu Olympic Stadium. There will be a veriety of performances with cool challenges. There is also an awesome Zombie run that will be help there on the 30th of July.

T. 053-628-7463

Daegu Folk Festival

The Daegu Folk festival will be held from August 5th until the 7th for three days. It will be held at the Kolon Outdoor Musical hall, Kim Gwang Seok road, Suseong Lake and Dongseongro. There is going to be the best performers of the folk genre from all over Korea. This will be a very unique and fun experience.

T. 053-626-2015

Go Well Daeguro Hiphop Festival

On August 6th Saturday in the secondary stadium for the Daegu World Cup Stadium, Look like the tickets are already sold out in June but It's maybe something to check out next year. Famous teams In Korea are performing with 45 different performers. This will be one of those really spectacular events.
T.  070-7801-3111

Look out for Legionella!

It's been a very hot summer, every building is on full power with their A/C trying to keep cool. Because of this there are a few things to look out for, with the increase of A/C usage there is a higher chance of 'Legionella'.

What is Legionella?

On the CDC website it says that Legionella is a bacterium found naturally in freshwater environments, like lakes and streams, it can become a health concern if it spreads in the human-made water systems such as hot tubs that aren't drained after each use, hot water tanks and heaters, large plumbing systems, cooling towers(mainly in Large building air-conditioning units and decorative fountains.

Most healthy people do not get sick after being exposed to Legionella,
However the people at risk are:
* People 50 years or older
*Current or former smokers
*People with a chronic lung disease
*People with a weak immune system from diseases like cancer, diabetes, or kidney failure

*People who take drugs that suppress (weaken) the immune system.

Right now Daegu is checking big buildings, hospitals, large bath houses, homes for the elderly and fountains to make sure they are free of Legionella. There has been a few incidents of Legionella, in a routine check up on 14 cases, 4 of them were confirmed to be legionella, and right now there are 145 more check-ups on their way. 

Keep your house clean and dry, and prevent this from spreading. If you are clean and make sure you are aware and trying your best to prevent this you will be fine. Keep your filters clean on the A/C and make sure there isn't water just lying around. I hope you have a cool summer and see you soon.

If you want more info on Legionella check out

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Daegu Zombie Run

Want to get a good scare this summer?

Photo: Zombie Run Korea

There is going to be a Zombie run this July 30th at the Daegu World Cup Stadium. On the zombie run you will be a human, running through a course to survive and complete missions with your group. You will have 3 lives and you will need at least one of those to survive until the end.

This is going to be held July 30th Sat from 16:00 ~ 24:00. The run itself is about 3 km so bring your running shoes and be ready for a great thrill. For the run you will get a many cool things for participating in the run, like a t-shirt, small bag, wristband, EDM party tickets and etc. Note that you will have to be 15 and older to participate in this run.

There will also be a horror festival going on, so before or after the run you will be able to relax and chill with the many attractions they have you won't be bored at all.

For tickets to this run check out
to get your tickets now.

See you there and bring your grown up pants and be ready! Check the map below for an idea where it is and type in 대구 월드컵 스타디움 for more detailed information.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Daegu Anshim Lotus Field

Did you know that Daegu has a huge Lotus field? It is a great place to bring a friend or go on a date. When the flowers are in its full bloom it is one of the most beautiful place to be in Daegu. At Anshim station you can rent bikes and ride along the field with an amazing view.
The Lotus flower only blooms in the months of July and August so this is the time to check them out. There are also cranes and majestic wildlife that just adds to the wonder of this place.
If you need a new profile picture or if you love flowers this will be a place you will remember there are so many you will be amazed. One last tidbit of information this is the largest field of Lotus flowers in Korea and they are harvested mid August and transported to places like Seoul. If you go right after rains or during it will look even more beautiful.

How to get to Anshim Lotus Field (안심 연꽃 단지)
 Address : 728, Daerim-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea (대구 동구 대림동 728) 
Subway: Line1 , Anshim Station (15min walking distance)
 Bus: 508, 518, 808, 814, 818 , Get off at 'Daelim Checkpoint' (대림검문소)  


Monday, July 25, 2016

Junggu’s Walking Tour (and the walking tour free app)

One great way to see the sights scattered around downtown Daegu is to grab a map or download the app Junggu’s Walking Tour, both are free. The paper maps are located at any Tourist Information Booth downtown.  There are several different courses and the app has an interactive map that will ( using your phones GPS ) show your location in relation to the locations.

There are also maps and markers mounted in various locations to assist you in locating places you will want to see.

There are so many photo opportunities to be had along the way and not just at designated hot spots.  I am continuously learning about different locations and history of Daegu thanks to being a member of the Daegu Social Media Press.

One of the courses has stamps for the map.  It is course two. Some of you may also have a stamp book to record the places you have visited.  The app also can give you an electronic stamp when you are at the location ( using GPS on a smart device ).  If you are looking for the actual stamps, look for the small house shaped boxes as seen in the photo above. My daughter sometimes points them out when we are wandering downtown.  Keep your eyes open!

Some of the boxes with the stamps are not affixed to the actual historical locations.  They do not want to damage historical sites as several of the locations are designated cultural assets of Korea.  So, if you can’t find the stamp right away, do not give up!

Many of the locations have modern interactive devices to learn more about the history of each site.  My daughter Min Hee likes the music at this location.  There are some places where you can take pictures and send them to you own email for downloading. Some sites also allow you to dress up for photos as well.

What really interests me is that all of these sites are surrounded by modern city life.  Some of the buildings have been restored, but the fact that they are in their original location with artifacts from the original owners, is very cool!

We hope to see you out there visiting the many historical locations in our beautiful city.  As always, if you happen to see us, please say hi!  We really enjoy our weekends wandering in the city when we are not out hiking the mountains, we think you will enjoy the sights and sounds of Colorful Daegu as well.

Friday, July 22, 2016

It’s Festival Season! What to Eat at Your Next Daegu Festival

The start of summer signals the beginning of festival season in Daegu.  While most people attend festivals for the music, the atmosphere, the activities, or the culture, the best reason to attend is arguably the food.  From grilled meat on a stick, to stuffed squid, to cotton candy, a visit to one of Daegu’s many festivals is a mouth-watering culinary adventure.

For the Adventurous

Unsurprisingly, the best fair food in Korea is home-style Korean food.  If you’re looking for a quick bite on the go, stop by a vendor for a bowl of freshly cooked buttery squid (ojingeo), a plate of piping hot seared dumplings (mandu), or grab a stick of seasoned fish cakes (odeng) from a vat of boiling broth.  For those with more adventurous palates, try a bowl of beondegi, or silkworm larvae.  On the same cart, you’re most likely to also find the vendor selling cones of tiny marsh snails (daseulgi) eaten with a toothpick or simply bitten and sucked out of the shell. 

For an authentic Korean dining experience, pull up a plastic stool under a tented area, or pojangmacha, and order from a small menu of made-to-order Korean dishes.  Here you can find spicy soups, crispy seafood pancakes (pajeon), thick slabs of rotisserie roasted pork, and large slices of stuffed boiled squid (ojingeo sundae).  Add a bottle of soju or a bowl of dongdongju, a milky rice liquor, to complement your meal. 

For the Traditionalist

If your idea of festival cuisine involves foods that have been deep fried, roasted, or grilled on a stick then you’ll love the wide assortment of options that can be found in Daegu’s festival food scene. You can find a million different variations of sausage on a stick: plain, doused with special sauces, battered and fried, and even battered and coated with sugar! 

Korean versions of traditional fair food items such as corn on the cob, roasted chestnuts, crispy fried chicken bites, gyros, french fries, teriyaki chicken, and cotton candy can be found at most every festival.  For those still new to Korean cuisine or for those craving a taste of home, there’s plenty of familiar food items to choose from.

For the Sweet Tooth

When you’ve had your fill of fried foods on a stick, satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with some Korean favorites like rice cakes (tteok).  These mochi-like rice cakes are lightly sweetened and served in an array of colors, flavors, and fillings.  Fill a bag with pay-by-the-kilo chewy wafer cookies, fried ribbon cookies, honey cookies, puffed rice cakes, and chewy gummy candies to munch on as you enjoy the festival’s activities.  Pair your treats with a slushed ice drink, some alcoholic, or maybe just a hot cup of coffee.  Of course, no trip to any festival is complete without ice cream!  End your culinary adventure on a sweet note with Turkish ice cream, liquid nitrogen frozen ice cream, gelato, or a tall swirl of soft serve ice cream served in a j-shaped cone. 

Whether you enjoy trying new Korean dishes or are more at home with popcorn and cotton candy, there is something to satisfy every palate. 

Are you a traditionalist, adventurous, a sweet tooth, or a little bit of each?  What are your favorite festival foods in Daegu?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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