Friday, July 1, 2016

A Taste of Thailand: 3 Thai Restaurants to try in Daegu

With its combination of salty, spicy, sweet, and sour, Thai food is a perfect complement to the warm summer months.  From coconut curries to fresh and fragrant noodles to sweet and spicy soups, these Thai restaurants are a welcome addition to Daegu’s international food scene.

Hi Thai

Hi Thai is perhaps Daegu’s most well-known Thai restaurant.  The cozy interior, decorated with crates of coconut milk, bright wall tapestries, and bamboo curtains, gives the restaurant an overall Bohemian vibe that evokes a trip to Thailand.  While the menu is small, one can find popular Thai dishes such as pad thai, tom yum, and panang curry.  Entrees are served on metal plates with a slice of lemon and ample sweet chili sauce.  Grab a few cold Chang beers from the self-serve refrigerator and watch as your food is prepared fresh in the open kitchen.  Make sure to arrive early as the line can be very long during peak hours.

Cost: approximately ₩ 12,000.per entree.
Tip: Show them your Daegu card for a 5% discount!

Ruen Thai

Located across the street from Suseong Lake, Ruen Thai offers a large modern space and an extensive menu of Thai salads, soups, and entrees.  The addition of lime and cilantro, a rarity in Korean restaurants, gives the Thai dishes an authentic punch of flavor.  Ruen Thai’s large menu also features fusion Asian food as well as an entire page devoted to Vietnamese noodle soup, or phở.  While slightly more expensive than Hi Thai or Soi 49, the portion sizes are large and perfect for sharing with a friend or two.  After dinner, take a stroll around Suseong Lake for drinks or dessert.
Cost: approximately ₩ 15,000 - .₩ 20,000per entree.
Location:177-9 Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu (A few doors down from La Salud)

Soi 49

As the newest kid on the block, Soi 49 combines modern with traditional in a multi-level, open-air space.  Bench seating, eclectic music, and movies projected onto the back wall all add a unique, retro flair to the restaurant’s atmosphere.  Similar to Hi Thai, Soi 49’s menu features a small but curated menu of popular Thai dishes such as pad see ew, pad thai, and green curry with chicken, with new menu items still being added.  Snag one of the patio seats, grab a Thai beer, and enjoy the bright, bold flavors of Thailand.
Cost: approximately ₩ 12,000 per entree.
Location:To get to Soi 49, begin by facing the stage.  (Click here for helpful information on how to navigate your way around downtown Daegu) There are four roads that meet at the stage: one goes to the left, one to the right, and two are behind the stage - one that forks left and one that forks right.  Take the left street, and continue walking.  Take the first left, passing by Little Italia on your left-hand side.  Turn left again at the first corner after Little Italia.  Soi 49 will be right across the street from Daegu Bank.
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