Friday, July 22, 2016

CHIMAC Festival (Chicken and Beer festival) and Slide the City!

Too hot in Daegu? Have you heard of the chicken and beer festival or Chimac Festival?  
Well it is going to start on the 27th until the 31st with awesome food everywhere with beer all around. If you like chicken and like beer it is a festival you can't miss, it will go on for 4 days so bring your friends, family or date and have fun.
Photo: Slide The City Korea
Slide the city which started in the USA is 330 m long and in the middle of the city, it has been spread throughout the world since then in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Canada, UK and 30 more countries.
Photo: Slide The City Korea
This world record breaking slide the city water slide is coming to Daegu to cool us down and so we can enjoy an awesome Daegu summer. With the Chimac festival support the tickets for the slide is super cheap and with one ticket you can ride it 3 times.

During the Chimac festival, there will be free markets, chicken run game, DIY chicken making, EDM parties and more attractions to keep you entertained.

Check the map below for an idea where it is or type in 두류공원 (Duryu Park) in Google maps for more info.

To purchase tickets, visit Slide the City KOREA

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