Monday, July 18, 2016

Daegu 83 Tower

One of the “must see” spots in Daegu is the 83 Tower.  There, you can see a lovely 360 degree view of the city and surrounding areas.
To get to the tower there is a free shuttle bus.  If you are facing the entrance to E World, go to the left toward the parking lot.  At the parking area, look to the right for a sign or the bus.  The bus runs every thirty minutes and the ride is about 5 minutes to the tower.  The bus stops at the first floor and you will need to take an elevator to the L level go out to the garden area and to the left to the tower ticket counter.
Min Hee likes to pose with her press pass and a mini heart!  There are very many places for you to take photos in front of a prearranged backdrop. 
As part of the admission fee to the tower, you can receive a complimentary photo.  There are five different types of backgrounds to choose from.  We think it is best if, as soon as you arrive at the observation level, you get set up to take the photo.  They take some time to process after the photo is taken.  Then you can look around and take photos at your own pace.
There is a real climbing harness than you can strap into and have photos taken.  I asked Min Hee if she wanted to try.

Daddy: Min Heeyah, do you want to try it?

Min Hee:  Daddy… that’s big and I am little.  No, thank you.

Daddy:  How about a picture?

Min Hee: OK!!
From the observation level you can see a complete 360 degree view of the surrounding area.  There are a lot of things to take in, on the 77th floor. Take your time and look around while waiting for your photograph to be processed. You may also use a few of the view the permanently mounted viewing glasses.
While we were waiting for the bus back down we noticed a few more places to pose for photos.  It was very quiet up there surrounded by nature.
All around the tower there are these places for pictures or "photo zones" Min Hee and I were just sitting in the shade and a couple of high school girls came down to the area. I used body language and asked if they wanted to take pictures where we were. One replied with a cute, "No". But a few seconds later she walked over and said we looked cute together and asked if she could take our picture. I asked if she used facebook and she answered yes. I said OK. Photo snapped and I handed out some papers with the address to Min Hee's page. 

These are the young ladies who asked for our photo.  They were on a school sponsored trip from a local high school.

Now you may want to know how to get there.  Just locate E World, near Duryu Park.  You can take the green line of the Daegu subway to Duryu station and walk about ten minutes or less to the park entrance.  There are several city buses that pass nearby as well.  Min Hee really likes taking the Daegu City Tour bus, and Duryu Park and E World are one of the stops the Daegu City tour bus stops at.  In addition the 83 Tower is also on the Daegu and Vicinity Tour Stamp Trail.  We currently have 33 stamps and are looking for some more!
If you would like to see more on Min Hee’s adventures, visit her Facebook page and see what she has been up to! Here is a link:

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