Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Daegu Anshim Lotus Field

Did you know that Daegu has a huge Lotus field? It is a great place to bring a friend or go on a date. When the flowers are in its full bloom it is one of the most beautiful place to be in Daegu. At Anshim station you can rent bikes and ride along the field with an amazing view.
The Lotus flower only blooms in the months of July and August so this is the time to check them out. There are also cranes and majestic wildlife that just adds to the wonder of this place.
If you need a new profile picture or if you love flowers this will be a place you will remember there are so many you will be amazed. One last tidbit of information this is the largest field of Lotus flowers in Korea and they are harvested mid August and transported to places like Seoul. If you go right after rains or during it will look even more beautiful.

How to get to Anshim Lotus Field (안심 연꽃 단지)
 Address : 728, Daerim-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea (대구 동구 대림동 728) 
Subway: Line1 , Anshim Station (15min walking distance)
 Bus: 508, 518, 808, 814, 818 , Get off at 'Daelim Checkpoint' (대림검문소)  


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