Monday, July 11, 2016

Finally a Park for Ralaxing - Gukchae Bosang Park's Green is Open

It's getting hot now, and it is that time of year you get your shorts and tank tops out and find a park and have a picnic. Look no further, now at the Gukchae Bosang Memorial Park AKA(Bell park near downtown) all of the green is now open for people to go in and relax.

Bring a date or bring a book and just chill in the sun. The grass will be perfect for just prime time relaxation. Don't miss out on Korean grass time, they don't do this often.... :) The grass is treated so there aren't any tics or dangerous things in the grass and it is set up so people can come and enjoy as much as they want. Soon the 2.28 park and Gyeongsang Gamyung park will be open their green for people to have picnics on.

I hope to see you there and I hope you have an awesome summer. Type in (국채보상공원) into google maps for more info.

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