Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hannah Shelter supports homeless dogs and cats of Daegu

Hannah Shelter is a volunteer-run dog and cat shelter in Daegu's bucolic outskirts, at the base of Palgong Mountain.  Cats and dogs are kept on a secluded property that's close to farming homesteads, a Buddhist temple, and a small stream.  The shelter is often forgotten because of its remote location. It is in great need of volunteers to walk and care for the dogs, as well as supplies, such as mosquito coils, blankets, towels, leashes, harnesses, cat and dog food, and housing.
"Aunt Hannah"  is one of two Korean women who dedicate themselves to managing the shelter's more than 300 dogs and dozens of cats.  The shelter gets no government assistance as a non-profit, and instead relies solely on the efforts of the kind women who run it, as well as the generosity of a small group of monthly volunteers and donors. 
Since Hannah Shelter suffered an explosion over two years ago, it has slowly been cleaned up and rebuilt, but not nearly to the capacity that it should be. The facility is not much more than an open area with fenced-off enclosures, and old cars and wreckage are strewn about. Dogs are open to the elements, and they have limited housing and protection from seasonal temperature changes and mosquitoes. Veterinary care is practically non-existent, and many dogs are not neutered, which leads to growth of an already overpopulated facility. 

When volunteers visit, they may be shocked at the bare-bones conditions. However, the dogs have not lost their love of human contact, and many will greet volunteers with delighted tail wags and appeals for pets and belly rubs.  
Dogs that are infected with heartworm have a purple mark somewhere on the body. Some of them still wear collars that indicate their past life as someone's pet.
Volunteers are very much welcome to visit the shelter and to walk and socialize the dogs.  All the animals are available for adoption, as well, and would no doubt be grateful to have the chance at a new life in a loving, forever home. 
Please join Hannah Shelter's Facebook group at the following link:
In the Facebook group, volunteers will get information on upcoming group meet-ups at the shelter, as well as details about how to visit independently and how to send much-needed supplies.  Alternately, the shelter can be contacted at the following address:

대구 광역시 동구 도학동 169번지 다몽하우스 701-430
전화 010-6665-4560

169 Dohak-dong Dong-gu Daegu 701-430
Shipping Ph# 010-6665-4560


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  2. Hannah Shelter is not volunteer run, although volunteers do help out considerably and are welcome even if they do not speak Korean. It is not an NGO. Ms Shin owns and runs the shelter and takes care of the major burden of daily care and medical expenses. People do contribute but final decisions about the animals and the place are hers.

  3. If you are seeing this... as of now, May 2018, the shelter has been issued an eviction notice from the county. The staff and volunteers are trying to keep the shelter open and save the 200+ animals that call the shelter home. Please visit the Hannah shelter page on Facebook and sign the petition!