Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lake and Reservoir Series (Part 3) : Seoli

Do you ever find yourself craving some fresh air and a bit of peace, quiet and tranquility? The third place featured in our four part series on lakes and reservoirs in Northern Daegu is situated in an unlikely location but well worth the quest to find it. Seoli reservoir is tucked away behind some gentle hills at the end of the skyrail train yard and sandwiched between Chilgok and the Dongmyeong area just to the north.
If you’re curious to see where the end of the line takes you to, you’ll find that there is a remote lake where you can go to escape the relentless traffic and congestion of the city. You have to walk or bike to the lake, as there is no direct public transportation.

The lake is the most prominent feature in this secluded enclave. By hiking a little ways into the woods along the bank of the lake, you’ll be led to a few small private farms and houses. However, there is no established walking trail that fully encircles the lake.

Cafes and Restaurants: No cafes or restaurants (but a great spot for a picnic).
How to get there: Take the sky train to the last station, ChilgokKyungbook National University Hospital Station. Walk north from the exit, cross the street, and down towards the underpass. Then follow the train rails until you reach the end of the line. The lake is located directly behind the Skyrail train yard. It’s about a 20min walk from the station.

Lake Seoli (서리못) Google map:

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