Thursday, July 7, 2016

One of Daegu's Tasty 10 "Muchimhwe"

Muchimhwe (Seasoned steamed fish) one of Daegu’s tasty 10, is made up of squid, radish, gochujang, garlic and Ginger. People started eating Muchimhwe 30 years ago in Daegu and it is one of Daegu’s most iconic foods. It is amazing if you have it while having a drink, but also fantastic if you eat it with rice. It is a spicy with a sweet kick, it is very addicting to eat and something you wouldn’t be able to leave left overs.

Why did Daegu start eating Muchimhwe? Daegu is very inland and back in the day it was hard to get fresh fish, so they steamed squid, shell fish, eel and mix it with vegetables and spices and make Muchimhwe.

There is a Muchimhwe alley where they specialize in this specific food with more than 10 restaurants with their own recipe, so check it out. 

Check the map below for an idea where it is, and for more detailed info type (대구광역시 서구 달구벌대로375길 14-1) in google maps.

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