Thursday, August 11, 2016

City Tour Double-Decker Bus -- Circulating Fourteen Attractions in Daegu

You might have seen a double-decker bus in the street – it is the Daegu city tour bus circulating fourteen attractive places in the city. It will let you view and enjoy everything about Daegu.
  • Operation hours : 9:30am ~ 6:40pm (No operation on Mondays, Seolnal New Years Day, and Chuseok Thanksgiving Day)
  • Starting point : Daegu City Tour Bus Stop in front of Dongdaegu Train Station
  • Fares
    • 5,000 won for adults and college students
    • 4,000 won for middle school & high school students
    • 3,000 won for children, seniors, the disabled, and patriots & veterans
      •  20% fare discount for
        - Passengers who have a train or express bus ticket for the same day
        - Passengers in groups of over 10 persons
        - Foreign tourists (with hotel voucher)
      •  Allows for freely embarking and disembarking the city tour bus with a one time ticket purchase

Starting from Dongdaegu train station, the bus arrives every 40 minutes in 14 stations. You can get off the bus at these stops, enjoy the site, and freely ride another bus which arrives every 40 minutes. Make sure to be at the stop five minutes before arrival so you won’t miss the bus!
Once you make a payment to the bus driver, you’ll receive a ticket and a receipt. The ticket allows you to use the bus all day long, and gives you a discount in some restaurants. When you get on the bus, make sure to take a leaflet ‘Daegu City Tour Guide’ along with you. It has information on the sites you may visit and the restaurants where special discounts are available.

Seomoon Market is one of the most popular sites. Visitors enjoy shopping as well as taking meals and snacks. If you are willing to ride railway line 3 which stop by Seomoon Market, you can purchase a token from any city tour bus driver at 500 won.
Also, cultural heritage interpreters are arranged at various tour spots to help tourists. You are welcomed to ask questions and they will kindly provide detailed explanations.
Refresh yourself by enjoying a special view provided by our double-decker bus, or make a trip with your guest from outside the city with the Daegu City Tour bus.

-Daegu City Tour Bus Circular Course

Image source: Daegu City Tour (

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