Friday, August 12, 2016

Cool Down the Summer Heat at Suseong Family Park!

We recommend you to visit Suseong Family Park located in Suseong-gu Palhyeon village. The pool is open to everyone and free to use. They are putting their effort to ensure safety by placing two safeguards and maintaining the water level around ankle. Also, water inside the pool is replaced everyday to keep the pool clean.

Among several free-to-use pools in Daegu, Suseong Family Park is especially adequate to preschool children. Because there is no dangerous rides or attractions and water level is very low, it is very safe for them to play around.
The place is a great place to spend weekends for a family with preschoolers. You are welcomed to bring pack lunch or snacks but cooking or camping is strictly prohibited. The pool is open between July and September except every Monday and water fountain shoots 6 times a day.

Water fountain times :
12:00-12:20 / 13:00-13:20
14:00-14:20 / 15:00-15:20
16:00-16:20 / 17:00-17:20

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