Friday, August 12, 2016

In-Daegu Media Facade is Open at Daegu Arts Center

[Image source : Daegu Arts Center]

To celebrate 71th anniversary of National Liberation Day, Daegu Arts Center hosts 'In-Daegu Media Facade 2016' for upcoming weekend! Media Facade, a compound word of media and facade, is a new genre of art that shows various contents using a facade as a screen. This event will take place in Daegu Arts Center for an hour from 8 p.m. for three days. (August 13th-15th)
[Image source : Daegu Arts Center]

Part 1 : Amazing Wall
Media Artist : Hee-sun Kim, Muin, Bae-Kyung Lee, Ho-Yeol Ryu, Ye-Seung Lee
[Image source : Daegu Arts Center]

Part 2 : Magic World
3D Mapping Show : Suk Lee, Dae-ho Lee, Kwang-hyun Cho
[Image source : Daegu Arts Center]

Part 3 : Ping & Pong
Participate interactive art : Jun Lee
[Image source : Daegu Arts Center]

In addition to geometrically interesting structure of the Daegu Arts Center, artists created images with their sense of art. Moreover, this event is composed of three parts—Amazing Wall, Magic World, and Ping-Pongso that audiences to be able to enjoy more and feel a sense of artistry.

Daegu Arts Center, with great visibility and interesting architectural shape, is inspiring media artists for past several years by hosting Media Facade.

In-Daegu Media Facade 2016

  • Date : August 13th - August 15th
  • Venue : Daegu Arts Center
  • Opening ceremony (on August 13th)
    • Celebration 19:30~19:45 (15 minutes)
    • Greetings and introduction 19:45~20:00 (15 minutes)
  • Admission : Free
  • Host : Daegu Arts Center

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