Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Playing in the Cool Indoors During Hot or Cold Days

When the weather is just not nice, whether it is too hot, too cold, or too wet Min Hee does not let it stop play time with friends.  She gets a group together and they all head off to a big store such as Home Plus or E-mart.
Many of the big stores have play areas that are available for a small fee that allows access for around two hours.  In those two hours children can play and ride and build. All this is fun, but is even better with friends!
Many of the playrooms have rides such as trains or jump rooms with trampolines or ball rooms.  They are fun and safe.  The rides are controlled by employees of the stores.  They are all very good with children and must undergo background checks in order to work with children.
Min Hee likes to do things with her friends in the play rooms such as using building blocks or any games that are done as a group.
At home whenever mom or dad are cooking, Min Hee is right there watching and learning.  So also like to play cooking in the play room.  Her and her friends can sure cook up some great meals!  It is fun to watch her decide the menu and find the ingredients for the meal!
So, remember,  when it is just too hot, too wet, or too cold, ask your parents and call your friends to make an indoor play date!  It is fun and safe with so many things to do!  Nothing must stop children from having fun together.  Also be on the lookout for play rooms in the city.


  1. What a wonderful idea Min Hee. I can see that everyone was having fun. ❤️ It is nice that your city has those opportunities for young children. Nothing like that around here!

    1. Thanks for the kind comment :) Go Min Hee!!