Friday, August 19, 2016

Samga-heon, an Old House Where Flowers Blossom.

We introduce you a beautiful place to visit, Samga-heon. Samga-heon is one of the old houses in Daegu where Paengnyeon Park and his descendants have lived.
Samga-heon is a Joseon-era house bordering the Park family village. It consists of several small houses and a small pond. Seong-su Park, a descendant of Paengnyeon Park, built the main house and named it after his posthumous name, calling it 'Samga-heon.' 'Samga' stands for three virtues that classic scholars in Joseon-era should always keep in mind(knowledge, benevolence, and courage).
Hayeop-jeong is an annex of Samga-heon. At the garden of Hayeop-jeong, lotus flowers are in full bloom during the summer. It's very hot in Daegu these days, but it's a perfect season to see crape-myrtle in Samga-heon. Looking at the strong contrast of red and green, you can feel beauty of our nature.
If you are looking for an attraction in Daegu, visiting Samga-heon, with crape-myrtle and lotus flowers blossom, would be a great way to feel the breath of Joseon-era.

· Address : 15, Myodong 4-gil, Habin-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
· Contact : 053-582-4672

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