Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tap Water in Daegu is Safe to Drink!

Tap Water in Daegu is Safe to Drink!
Water quality laboratory in Daegu Waterworks conducted an inspection on the distribution status of microorganisms from January to June in five purification plants, and no virus nor protozoan was detected from all plants.

Water quality laboratory, designated to maintain water quality, periodically examines the tap water under the related legislation. The inspection in the first half of the year reconfirmed the safety of our tap water.

In order to enhance the accuracy of inspection, water quality laboratory conducts quality control every quarter year and is able to offer profound analysis. The laboratory is also making contributions to Gyeongbuk province by supporting protozoan analysis every year in 11 purification plants in Gyeongbuk such as Uljin and Youngdeok.

Kim Moon-Soo, the chairman of Daegu Waterworks assured that they "are supplying safe tap water with high level of management, so Daegu citizens are welcomed to drink tap water as much as they want."

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