Friday, September 9, 2016

Daegu Arts Center Hosts 'Chuseok Hanmadang Festival'

Daegu Arts Center hosts 'Chuseok Hanmadang Festival.' On the day of Chuseok, Septermber 15th, a Gugak(Korean traditional music) concert, performed by Daegu City Gugak Group, is held at the outdoor stage inside Daegu Arts Center. Also citizens are welcomed to play Korean traditional games outside the museum. "To greet the biggest Korean holiday, Chuseok, we have prepared event where people can enjoy our own culture," said by Choi, the director of Daegu Arts Center.

Daegu City Gugak Group will perform various traditional orchestra 'Namdo-gugguri', as well as Korean traditional dance 'Sogomu' and 'Hyangbalmu.' Daegu Arts Center also have prepared a place in which citizens can enjoy the atmosphere of national holiday with various traditional games such as Jegichigi, Yut-nori, Tuho and more. The event is free and open from 11 to 6 during Chuseok holidays(September 14th to 16th.)
Contact Daegu City Arts Group(053-606-6193) for more detailed information on the event.

Chuseok Hanmadang Festival
- Gugak Concert : September 15th(Thur.) 5p.m.
- Traditional Games : September 13th(Wed.)-16th(Fri.) 11a.m. - 6p.m.
Venue: Daegu Arts Center Palgong Hall and Exhibition Center
Host: Daegu Arts Center /Daegu City Gugak Group
Admission fee : Free
Contact : Daegu City Arts Group 053)606-6193
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