Friday, September 23, 2016

[Daegu Dialects] Let's learn Daegu dialects!

'Pa-yi-da(파이다)' is a a dialect that is only used in Daegu and Gyeongbuk. The verb stands for 'is bad' or 'is not good', usually used to describe one's taste or preference.

1. This jja-jang-myeon tastes bad.
(Seoul ver.) Yi jja-jang-myeon mat eop-da. ( 짜장면  없다.)
(Daegu ver.) Yi jja-jang-myeon pa-yi-da. ( 짜장면 파이다.)

2. A: I want to buy this t-shirt. 
   B: I don't like it.  Don't buy that.

(Seoul ver.) 
A: Na yi t-shirt sal leh. ( 티셔츠 살래)
B: Byeolo ya. Saji ma. (별로야 사지마)

(Daegu ver.)
A:  Na yi t-shirt sal leh. ( 티셔츠 살래)
B: Pa-yi-da! Saji mara. (파이다! 사지마라)

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