Monday, September 12, 2016

Daegu National Museum – Korean Culture Activity Room with Min Hee

If you find the weather is just too bad to do something outdoors, why not stop by the Daegu National Museum’s Haesol Hall and into the Korean Culture Activity Room?  We all know that a great way to learn something and understand it easier is by hands on experiences.  Min Hee loves to see and do new things, but stand back if there is something she can play with and learn at the same time!
As you enter the activity room there is a counter to the right side.  There they have some handouts that can be used to collect stamps from the different areas in this large and busy room.
They provide all the things needed to try out the activities.  Ink and blank paper along with daubers, rollers, or stamps!
In these situations, Min Hee isn’t shy and usually chats up other children near her age. Here Min Hee and another little lady were coloring together.
Since this is a history museum and many of the items were found buried and broken, many activities show the little archeologists what one task of piecing history back together like a 3D puzzle.  Min Hee had to wait in a short line to have her turn.
It was a room filled with happily busy children who were learning while playing.  It was over an hour of activity for Min Hee and her family along with bunches and bunches of other kids and their families!
As we were leaving the room we noticed a couple of young ladies standing behind a table. They were handing small disks of paper and colored pens to children who were making their very own custom made pin on buttons.  Of course Min Hee and mommy wanted to show off their skills as artists and jumped in and made a couple.  Min Hee decided to recreate the 3D puzzle on her pin.
Here's the website of the museum: Daegu National Museum 

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