Friday, September 30, 2016

Daegu's Aesthetic Heritage Asset - Hyunpoong 12 Jeongryo-gak

Hyunpoong 12 Jeongryo-gak, located is Dalseong-gun, is a significant cultural assets in Daegu. The structure is built in Chosun era to recognize twelve loyal subjects or devoted sons in Hyeonpoong Family. Gwak Jun, one of the twelve, fought against the Japanese troop in Imjin War and was killed with his two sons.
The teaching of 'Three Bonds and Five Relationships' in Confucianism was the primary value in Chosun society and building Jeongryeo-gak had helped Chosun to maintain their Confucian society.

-Driving Direction: Type ' 대구 달성군 현풍면 지리 1348-2' or '현풍곽씨십이정려각' in your navigation.

-Public transportation: Take Subway Line1, take off at Daegok station and go out Exit1. Transfer to bus no.600 to get 'Yong-Heung-Ji'. (It takes about 1hour and 10minutes from Daegok station)  

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