Monday, September 5, 2016

Deagu National Science Museum with Min Hee!

[image source: DNSM Naver Blog]
Recently Min Hee and her family visited the DNSM.  When entering through the doors marked Gate 4, a few meters into the building, look up and you might just be on the big screen.
Below and to the right of the big screen there is a working robot that can solve a Rubik’s cube in around a minute. The staff members will allow visitors their best chance to twist and turn and mix it up!
The staff member will then insert the cube into the display and the robot will inspect the cube to begin calculating the moves it needs to reconfigure the cube.
Then it begins to solve the puzzle. It finished the puzzle in just over one minute.
There are two permanent exhibits on the second floor of the museum.  The first one is Nature and Discovery.  The first displays are about animals and plants.
This area was quite popular with small children as there were so many different fish in each display tank.  Min Hee was excited and kept looking to see what was next!
“Mommy, daddy, LOOK AT THAT!” 
“Daddy, what’s over there?  What are they doing?”
“Min Heeyah, they are feeding the fish.”
“How, daddy?”
“With their skin.”
“OH NO!!......  Me too, daddy!  Me too!”
The next Permanent Exhibit we visited is the Scientific Technology and Industry.  Here almost every exhibit is interactive and many involve creation electricity or power by performing some action or manipulating some controls.
After all of the looking and learning we headed down to the first floor and grabbed some snacks.  No visit to the museum is complete without a visit to the outdoor play area.  Min Hee made friends with a few of the boys and girls on the bouncy thing!
Here is the website of Daegu National Science Museum (English) : Click
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Daegu National Science Musuem 
-Hours: 9:30-17:30 Tuesday - Sunday (last entrance: 16:30)

*Closed every Monday 


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  1. Wow, that looks like a great learning experience for children and adults alike!