Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dinosaurs in Daegu: Apsan’s New Dinosaur Theme Park and Trail

The Dinosaurs have returned to Daegu! This September, step back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth at the newly-constructed dinosaur theme park. By walking the dinosaur trail in Apsan Park, you too can walk among the giants and follow in the footsteps left by these mighty creatures.  
There are several can’t-miss attractions along the dinosaur trail, one of which can be viewed from the Gosangol parking lot. From the bridge overlooking the stream, you’ll notice a few holes in the rock bed below. These footprints are believed to have belonged to a “lizard-footed” sauropod, an herbivorous dinosaur noted for its long neck and pillar-like legs. Millions of years ago, this area was once a lake where the dinosaurs fed. As they walked through the soft, muddy ground, they left deep footprints that were eventually filled with sand and pebbles before turning into rock. Over time, the preserved footprints were worn away by erosion to reveal the indentations in the rock seen today.
Follow the footprint graphics and turn right at the bridge to access a small entrance that leads to the stream under the overlook platform. From here you can get a close-up view of the dinosaur tracks, as well as some ripple marks, an area of wavy rock created when wind or water moved across the surface of the sediment over millions of years ago. While exploring the stream, look over your shoulder and you’ll notice the long, slender neck of a sauropod staring down at you as it must have done millions of years ago.
Continue across the bridge and through the dinosaur park, which features not only sauropods, but also dinosaur eggs and several other dinosaurs, including a Tyrannosaurus rex, that may or may not have walked this part of the world. Once the dinosaur theme park is fully completed, these robotic dinosaurs should be fully animated!
The final sight is just past the dinosaur park. Follow the yellow dinosaur tracks until you reach a wooden platform that once more overlooks the stream. From here you can see mud cracks, a polygon-shaped series of cracks that forms when sediment expands and contracts. Though mud cracks can occur in present-day conditions, the cracks near Apsan were most likely created in the same way the dinosaur tracks were formed, preserved over time and revealed by erosion.
It’s hard to believe that dinosaurs once walked in a place that is now a bustling metropolis. Over 65 million years later, and with the addition of the new dinosaur theme park, dinosaurs are once again walking beside the mountains and streams of Daegu.

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Directions: The dinosaur trail begins at Gosangol parking lot, but can also be reached via the tree-lined path (Metasequoia Road) that leads to the Gosangol Valley park entrance.


  1. Veronika, Nice work! We have been waiting for this to open. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Peter! I have been waiting forever for it to open as well! It looks really cool!

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