Monday, September 26, 2016

In-Daegu Autumn Dance Festival

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

Daegu Arts Center opens 'In-Daegu Autumn Dance Festival' from September 30th to October 6th in Palgong Hall, the main theater of Daegu Arts Center. The Dance festival, with twelve participating teams, starts with invitation performance, 'Mukhyang', by National Dance Company followed by the main program designed by Kang Jeong-seon, the art director of the festival.
Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

The opening invitation performance 'Mukhyang' has reintepreted 'Gunjamu' and is a collaboration between Yoon Seong-joo, a Korean Dance Choreographer, and Jeong Koo-ho, one of the leading fashion designer. Four different colors of Mae, Nan, Guk, Juk(reprensenting plants in four seasons) are mingled with traditional dance, and music and produce beauty of Korean traditional arts. 'Mukhyang' will start at 15:30 and 20:00 on the opening day, September 30th Friday.

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

Choi Hyun-muk, the manager of the Daegu Arts Center told, "although the genre of dance is still relatively unfamiliar to the public compared to music performances such as opera or orchestra, Daegu and the Daegu Art Center try to introduce and foster the field of art."

Ticket Reservation for Opening Ceremony
Contact: Daegu Arts Center 053-606-6133

Ticket Price: Seat S 15,000, Seat A 10,000

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

September 30th(Fri.)

·Korean Dance - National Dance Company - 'Mukhyang'

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

October 4th(Tue.)
·Modern Dance - Daegu Dance Group - 'Bolero'
·Ballet - Kim Yong Geol Dance Theater - 'Max Bruch Violin Concert 1-3', 'Grand Pas De Deux from 'Pirates''

·Korean Dance - 'Daegu Gugak Team - Songpoongsoowol'

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

October 5th (Wed.)
·Korean Dance - Jang Yoo-kyung Dance Group - 'Fan Dance Bach'
·Korean Dance - Ahn Byung-ju Dance-Connection - 'Kim Baek Bong Fan Dance' & 'Kim Baek Bong Drum Dance'
·Modern Dance - Goblin Party - 'Once Upon a Time'

·Ballet - KNUA Dance Group - 'Grand Pas De Deux from 'Don Quixote''

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

October 6th (Thurs.)
·Ballet - Woo Hye-young Ballet Group - 'Dream in Forest from 'Don Quioxote''
·Korean Dance - Lee Eun-ju Dance Group - 'Shinshi(God Time)'

·Korean&Modern Dance - 20 Male Dancers in Daegu - 'Hong-iroda'

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