Monday, September 5, 2016

Phoenix - American Football Team in Daegu

American football in Korea started back in 1946 with establishment of Chosun American Football Association. Currently, there are two American football leagues--the 'Tiger Bowl' determines the champions of the University league and the Gwangaeto Bowl determines the champions of amateur senior teams in KNFL.
Both Tiger Bowl and Gwanggaeto Bowl starts in Fall and runs for two months. In November, winners from the two leagues fight for the 'Kimchi Bowl,' the final championship game.
Each KNFL teams represent their home ground and 'Team Phoenix' is participating Gwanggaeto Bowl repesenting Daegu. Team Phoenix has been a strong side since its foundation. The team is composed of 25 players, seven of them are foreign players and they also participate in training and league games every year. To be one of the members of Phoenix, apply for interview by sending an email by October 31 with your [name, nationality, age, relevant history, and contact number.]
Daegu Pheonix
- Snapchat: daeguphoenix
- Instagram: daeguphoenix
- Send application to : /
- Contact : 010-3511-7454

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