Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Smart City,Daegu! - Leading City of Environment-Friendly Electric Vehicle Industry

Automobile production is one of the main industry in Daegu, occupying 21% of the Daegu industry. Daegu has set up several policies  to help regional companies to adapt to new industrial environment triggered by future automobiles that of Google or Tesla.
Moreover, Benefits for electric vehicle drives are provided by government, paying off half of the basic charging cost as well as giving discounts on highway tolls. From last May, Daegu also started to let electric vehicle drivers to use the toll roads—Beoman-ro and Apsan Tunnel—in the city for free, and 50% discount on public parking lot will be offered to the drivers.
Daegu will gradually continue to establish systematic plan to become leading electric vehicle producing city, by  cooperating with regional companies, colleges, and research institutions.

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