Thursday, September 22, 2016

You may have heard of Screen Golf, but have you ever heard of Screen Baseball?

Recently some friends invited me to a friendly game of baseball. It has been a while (long while!) since I picked up a bat and tried to hit a fast pitched ball.  I thought it would be fun though so I agreed. Then they told me it would be three on three.  Huh?  How does that work?  It is Screen Baseball!  
This is the “ball park”.  The white screen has a hole where the ball will be “pitched from” while the batter is inside the cage.  The other players will be in the “dugout” cheering for their teams.  The whole thing is controlled by a computer program which I had heard was developed here in Korea. As such, the settings are all in Korean, so you may need to ask the staff to help you set up the batting roster or setting changes.
Here is “home plate and the batters “boxes”.  The small yellow pedals are used when the batter is set and ready for the pitch.

Batter up! Once the game begins, the pitcher and back ground show up on the screen.  The pitcher will wind up and move as the ball is pitched.  It is as realistic as the technology allows. 
The players waiting to bat are safely located in the “dugout”, behind a cage wall and plexiglass. There were other groups at the screen baseball that were larger.  The extra players were out in a larger waiting area and at least one group was watching on a big screen TV, what was happening “on the field”
The area in the batting area in front of the cage has sensors all around that section.  After a ball makes contact the computer decides if the ball was hit hard enough for a single, double, triple, or even a homerun!
This was our only homerun of the evening and it tied up the game.  In this particular place the game was decided by giving each player one more “at bat”. In the end it was “Jae” from my team that saved our bacon and brought the game to an end.

There are various snacks available for purchase as well as drinks.  Although no one was hurt while we were playing, the screen baseball places have an assortment of safety equipment and an assortment of bats.  I would suggest using the safety equipment.  Safety First!

So, if you are wanting to play baseball but can’t find enough players, locate a local screen baseball “park” near you and PLAY BALL!

Strike Zone Dongseongno

Real Yagoo-Zone Dongseongno (D Square building 3F)

Strike Zone Suseong lake 

Real Yagoo-Zone Sangin (5F)

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