Monday, October 31, 2016

A Quiet Hike in Apsan to a Bird’s-Eye View of Daegu

On a clear day, nothing beats the panoramic vista of Daegu from atop Mt. Apsan. However, for those seeking a different, quieter side of the mountain, this challenging trail leads to one of Apsan’s lesser-known - and less-traveled - lookout points, with equally stunning views.
To begin, start at the Gosangol Valley entrance and follow the tree-lined pathway (Metasequoia Road). Look for signs depicting a leaf character holding a camera, and follow them until you reach the beginning of the trail. Just past the compressed air station, you should see a clearing in the trees along with what will be the start of a rather steep, but straightforward, climb aided by a series of wooden stairs.
The trail to the lookout point doesn’t reach the summit of the mountain, but at times it certainly feels as if it does! You will know you have almost reached the top once the wooden steps give way to a rocky dirt trail. Continue uphill, climbing over and through giant boulders that every so often provide a glimpse of the city below. Just when you think you can’t take another step, look up and you’ll notice a cantilevered glass platform floating over the treetops. 
A few steps more and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning bird’s-eye view of Daegu, the perfect place to stop for a picnic before continuing on toward the summit, or to sit for a while and watch a sunrise or sunset. From time to time a hiker or two will stop by, but for most part, surrounded by mountains, with birds soaring above and the city shimmering below, this view belongs only to you.

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Trail Description: The trail starts near the Gosangol entrance, right after the air compressor station used to spray dirt off shoes and clothing. Take the steps uphill and follow the signs depicting a leaf character holding a camera. The trail continues uphill for about 2km via a series of steep staircases. Once you reach the lookout point, you can continue on to the summit of Mt. Sanseong, or follow one of many trails back down the mountain.
Directions: The trail is accessed via the Gosangol park entrance. Parking can be found at the Gosangol parking lot or on the street. From the parking lot, cross over the bridge and turn left. The trail entrance should be on your right. If approaching from the street access, the entrance will be on your left. 

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