Thursday, October 27, 2016

Autumn Stamp Tour 2016: Healing Daegu Event

From the 24th of October until the 6th of November, there is an event named Healing Daegu.  One portion of the event includes visiting the following locations the receive stamps. After visiting only two of the locations, you may redeem the stamps at one of three Tourist Information Booths to collect a souvenir.
The locations are:
In Heung Village
Otgol Village
Jeil Church
Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park
Missionary Museum
*Keisung Middle School*A must see!
Kyungpook National Hospital Museum (reservations required)
Suseong Lake
While speaking with the tourist information guide at the Herbal Medicine Tourist Information Booth, we found out that the building at Keisung Middle School is rarely open to the public.  This sounded like a special opportunity.  We were right!
In the basement of this building, at the beginning of the Independence Movement in Daegu, the organizers of the movement secretly printed copies of the Korean National Flag known as Tae Gu Ki.  The basement is known as Adam’s Basement.  I will write a separate article on this location in the coming days.
While we were waiting for the attendant to return from her lunch break we were meeting several of the students and staff of the middle school. Yes, it is still used today.  They were kind and talkative young girls and boys.
This place is usually opened to the public only on March 8th.   It will be open until November 6th.  So, I recommend visiting there if you can.

After visiting at least two destinations, you may report to one of three Tourist Information Centers to collect your souvenir.  There are only two to choose from and supplies are limited.  There is a very cool umbrella hat or a beautiful coffee mug.  Here my daughter Min Hee helped me show off our souvenirs.
We visited five of the locations, but, you need only visit two!
The tourist information booths where you can redeem your stamp books are: 
In Heung Village
Otgol Village

Tourist Information Booth located at the foot of the March 1st Independence Movement Road

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