Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Daegu City's Foreign Blog Reporters Visited Daegu Oriental Hospital of Hanny University

A few weeks ago some of our blog reporters visited 'Daegu Oriental Hospital of Hanny University'. They tried out some of the oriental medical programs at the international healthcare center and here are their articles about it. If you are looking for some information about oriental medical treatments, or just willing to try anything new in Korea, these articles might be interesting.

"Facials, Acupuncture, and More at Daegu Haany University Hospital"
Daegu Oriental Hospital / Haany University combines traditional Korean medicine and modern facilities to provide beauty and wellness programs for Koreans and foreigners alike.  The International Healthcare center offers a wide array of Eastern medical treatments such as acupuncture and suction cupping, but it also offers popular spa packages like facials, massages, and detox programs.
Some of the specific treatments offered include:
    Facials that incorporate herbal treatments, acupuncture, and facial massage
    Acne programs and scar care
    Non-invasive facial and body treatments such as herb peels, cosmetic acupuncture, and protein thread lifting
    Herbal detox diet programs
    Body massage
    Acupuncture, suction cupping, and moxibustion
The Daegu Oriental Hospital grows a majority of their own organic herbs and creates their herbal medicine in their own lab.  In addition, they use a line of cosmetic products specifically developed for their hospital.
My visit began with meeting Dr. Audrey Shin, who took the time learn about my medical history and any pain that I wanted to address.  Typical of Eastern medicine, any concerns that I had were approached holistically, addressing the root cause rather than just the resulting symptoms.  Based on this information, I was prescribed a treatment plan which included suction cupping, acupuncture, and moxibustion.  After about 60 minutes, I emerged feeling simultaneously relaxed and energized.  Next time, I would love to try out one of the popular facial treatments!
For more detailed information about the treatments offered at Daegu Oriental Hospital, as well as pricing, click here.  Dr. Audrey Shin is easily accessible to answer any questions via her Facebook page, Ask Audrey Shin.

For directions to Daegu Oriental Hospital - Haany University Korean Medicine, click here.

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"Daegu Haany University Medical Center"

Recently, I  was asked if I would visit Daegu Hanny University Medical Center  and tour the facilities.  I am always up for learning new thing and having new experiences, so together with Trevon Badloe, we went there.

Firtst, we met with Dr. Audrey Aesook Shin.  She explained what we would be doing and how long it would take.  We then watched a video overview of the hospital and its facilities.
Our first stop was the pharmacy.  We were introduced to the staff and were then allowed to ask questions.  I just asked for them to show us some of the medicines and explain their uses.  We spent 20 to 30 minutes there looking at natural medicines from all over the world.  All natural!
We were then given a look at some of the different patient rooms.  We saw what you might see in a standard hospital. But, we were then shown some different therapy rooms.  They were modern with all the things you expect except the materials were all natural.  I was interested in the rooms with clay walls and ceilings.
Our next stop was the Chiropractic Clinic.  Here we met the head of the clinic.  He gave each of us an  exam, then we each received adjustments that were needed as well as some advice on posture given the adjustments we each required.  It was a very nice experience.  I sit up straighter and am carful when using my smart phone.
We were then taken to another clinic to have some tests that were prescribed by Dr. Shin.  My test was for Vascular Strength and Vascular Age.  I was asked to remove my jewelry and to lie down on my back and not move around or speak.  Some sensors were placed on my wrists and ankles.  After a few minutes the test was finished.
From there we were taken to a small medical museum and show the different displays.  We were then invited to make out own aroma therapy bags.  We smelled and guessed our way into this and in the end had combined many different herbs and spices to suit our individual needs.
We underwent one more test in the acupuncture clinic.  I was asked to remove all my jewelry once again. We held the arms of a piece of testing equipment that measured our weight and BMI using a very small electrical current that was not even noticeable.
 Finally, we were given our test results by Dr. Shin.  She explained the results and then based on those results we were prescribed some acupuncture and cupping therapies. I have had acupuncture before. I am aware people are somewhat afraid of needles.  You must know, the size of the needles and their placement is completely different from hypodermic needles and there is only a bit of pressure.  Bee stings hurt a lot because the stinger is quite large.  I felt no pain whatsoever.  I was given about ten or eleven needles on my face, hands and feet.
Overall pleasant experience is my description. The staff members were professionals and very helpful in answering any questions we had.  I highly recommend visiting there if you have any medical issues.  The treatments are mostly covered by NHI and if you are not insured the costs are very, very reasonable.

"Daegu Haany University Hospital"
Dr Audrey recommended that I should take a body temperature test. I had to stand in a room for a few minutes while they used a very high tech camera to scan my whole body temperature and create a heat map or my body, front and back.
The results were very interesting. From the heat map of my body, the doctor could determine a number of extremely interesting and surprising things such as which parts of my body have good or bad blood circulation, which parts of my body maybe have been hurt recently and where my body is under stress. From this diagnosis she could determine what kind of therapy would be useful for me and how to proceed from there.

 It was really interesting to see the mixture of both traditional and newer scientific medicines and treatments being combined in one place and how they can be used together to give a patient the best treatment possible.

I would definitely recommend DaeguHaani Hospital to anyone who wants some kind of treatment, the staff were very knowledgeable and insightful and Dr Audrey in the foreign department has terrific English and is very fast to respond to any enquiries that you may have. 


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