Monday, October 10, 2016

Daegu Yongdu Fortress Wall near Gosan Valley Park

Just a 10-15 minute hike from the entrance to Gosan Valley Park, you can find the remains of a fortress from the Three Kingdoms period in Korea. If you are interested in history like I am you can almost feel the importance of the location in protecting the Daegu area during that time.
Although it is not much to look at now, I can imagine the time it took and how big it was by looking at the terrain around the ruins.  This was just one part of the defense of the area.  The Gosan Valley and Apsan Park have several areas with the remains of wall or military outposts. In my opinion, the fact that we can still see the remains is proof of how massive and how well built they were hundreds or thousands of years ago.
Scattered over several hundred meters you can see remains of the fortress and other structures. A few years ago I actually met a group of university students searching the area for pieces of pottery, which can still be found today in certain areas around the fortress. I looked, but, I am not trained in what exactly to look for.
The above photo gives you an idea of the massive amount of stone, rocks, and timber needed to build the fortress. Thousands of tons were needed to build the structure and it’s supporting buildings.
This is the area that is the base and most likely the entrance of the fortress.  When you stand at the top you can see the area that could have been observed.  It must have been very important to the defense of the area because of the view to the south and the narrow valley that leads into Daegu.

 In the next few months I will be searching for other areas that contain pieces of the past.  I will do this during the colder months because the vegetation will have lightened up giving us better views.

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