Friday, October 7, 2016

Dining at Daegu’s Department Store Food Halls

Whenever I’m craving a bite to eat, I always head underground - to one of Daegu’s many department store food halls.  Located on the basement level, these subterranean food courts offer something for everyone, and at a reasonable price.  With so many options to choose from, deciding on what to eat can be a challenge, but it’s also part of the fun.
Below street level, a bustling mini city bursts with food stalls that offer everything from Korean cuisine, to sushi-go-rounds, to American fast food chain restaurants.  Unlike their North American counterparts, the food courts in Daegu tend to present artisanal food and regional specialties from around the world.  If you find yourself craving a bowl of hot pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), a side of Korean mandu(dumplings), a cup of hand-poured artisan coffee, and a slice of German cake known as baumkuchen all at the same time, then head into one of Daegu’s many department stores, such as Hyundai, Debec, Donga, or Emart, to name a few.
At some department store food courts, you can select your meal after looking at a display case of fake food, where each dish is associated with a number.  Once you make the hard decision of choosing what to eat, tell the cashier your number, pay the bill, and in no time at all your order will be ready for pick up.
In addition to restaurants and take-away food, you can also find gifts, teas, wine, beer, spirits, bakeries, smoothie shops, health food stores, and grocery stores, all in the same underground space.  Whether you’re craving a traditional Korean dish, a Krispy Kreme donut, or a taste of home, the breadth of options found at a department store food hall is sure to satisfy every craving. 

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