Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ideas By Daegu To Protect Our Environment

Solar-powered Recycling Bins

Have you seen these recycling bins installed near Dongseong-ro? When the can is full, it compresses trashes automatically and stores up to 120 tons which makes it six times more efficient compared to normal recycling bins. Attached solar batteries are fully charged only in 4 hours of sunlight each day.

Take-out Cups collector

These cans are installed to let people to throw away take-out plastic cups. It is designed to recycle plastic cups more efficiently without being mingled with other trashes. The instruction is written at the front saying Pour remaining drinks below and throw away the cup in the box.

Rainwater Bank

Rainwater banks are designed to reuse rainwater for toilet, landscaping or cleaning and allow to save tap water. Daegu have supplied rainwater banks in 24 places including apartments and daycare centers.