Friday, October 28, 2016

Indoor rock climbing at Donseongro Climbing Gym.

Rock climbing for some, isn’t the most accessible past time to try your hand at. You either need to have your own ropes and equipment, or befriend climbers so you can tag along with them while you soar to new heights. This is why it has taken me until now to explore the world of boulders, but once I heard of this indoor climbing gym right in the heart of the city, I was sold. No need for your own gear, this gym was free climbing with a bunch of variations and challenging walls to climb.
I was delighted. Without having to get so much as a subway, I simply walked into Dongsengro Climbing Gym, conveniently situated in down town Deagu, and entered the rock climbing gym on the second floor. The walls aren’t that high, but we are talking about free climbing here. I found that they were definitely high enough, while I was clinging on for dear life looking down at everyone’s faces below me.

The ticket costs only 12,000 won, and this allows you to climb for as long as you wish(although beginners like me won’t be climbing for the day by any means!).  My arms gave out on me after about two hours of swinging and hanging around the gym.
I give huge props to people that do this on a regular basis, tackling the more advanced climbing routes with their legs in the air and their arms reaching the hardest of angles. Well done guys, I tip my hat off to you!

I would say that I’ve found a new passion to explore and perfect. This is only the start of my rock climbing adventure and I can’t wait to get back and try it again. I recommend this place to anyone that is interested in trying something new, physical and fun. It’s cheap and you don’t even have to travel far from Deagu. It is also open late during the week, so for those that want to distress after a long day at work you can do that at Donseongro climbing gym. Enjoy! 
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