Monday, October 17, 2016

Korean Fine Dining

It seems as though there are an endless number of places to eat around the Jung-gu district of Daegu. But if you’re looking to satisfy your cravings for some upscale Korean delicacies, then try visiting San () which means “mountain”. The restaurant opened during the winter of 2015 and is still relatively new. Although it’s not a Michelin star rated restaurant, it could very pass for one. 
Upon setting foot inside the entrance way, you’ll notice the elegant exterior of the restaurant has been fashioned in the traditional Hanok style architecture.
 This hundred year old Bonsai Tree is another stunning feature of the restaurant.
The restaurant serves a set course meal. Warning: No matter which course you choose, it’s going to be a lot of food!
 Pictures don’t do the taste of the cuisine any justice. The appetizers are full of succulent flavours that will make you want to come back for more.
We’re still on the “appetizers”. They just keep coming.
It’s ideal to come here on an empty stomach.
I found it amusing that they served the dessert dish with the appetizers. They really make sure you get a chance to taste a little bit of everything while you still have room for more food.
Finally, on to the last course. I was stuffed by that time but I had to keep going.

The lunch sets are priced at a minimum of 15,000 won per person and the dinner sets start at 30,000 won per person. I highly recommend coming here for lunch. It's definitely worth it!

Directions: It’s a 5-min walk from Banwoldang Station, Exit no. 14.

This restaurant review was written by a Foreign Reporter of Daegu Metropolitan City. The article does not represent any intentions of Daegu Metropolitan City.


  1. I am living in daegu, thank you for information
    Someday i gonna try to there