Thursday, October 13, 2016

Make your wish at Gatbawi in Palgong Mountain

An image of Buddah placed in Gatbawi is known for its 'wish making' and  Mount Palgong is one of the popular sites to climb in Daegu. It takes about one to two hours to get to the top of the Gatbawi. Since only about a month is left to the college scholastic ability test, many parents, recently, have been visiting the Gatbawi early in the morning to pray for their children to get good results.
The way to climb up the Gatbawi is divided into two paths--the slope path from the start point to Gwanam Temple and a stairway with 1,365 steps between the temple and the top of the Gatbawi. Both are maintained well so that anyone can climb safe but there are some steep sections on the way to the Gwanam temple. Night lights are installed along the stairway so people may visit and climb up at night without any extra equipment.
Fall is a great season for climbing and more people will visit when Palgong mountain turn red with the glow of autumn leaves. Plan on a one day trip to Gatbawi and make a wish!

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