Friday, October 21, 2016

Seomun Market- A Great Place to Shop For Han Bok ( Korean Traditional Dress )

You may have been to Seomun Market for the great shopping or the wonderful food, but have you ever seen the wide selection of Han Bok? Han Bok can be found in the area named District 5.  On the second floor of the building there are dozens of vendors with traditional clothing for children and adults.
There are so many colors and styles to choose from and most are very inexpensive.  Han Bok is usually worn on special occasions such as big holidays or family weddings.  Min Hee has several different Han Bok that she can choose from.
The vendors are relaxed and willing to help you find the style you want and try on what you are looking for.  Prices are set, but, we have found that when combining purchases of several items from the same seller, you may be able to ask for a discount.
While it isn’t necessary to purchase shoes or other items to wear with Han Bok, there are shoes, handbags and other accessories available for purchase as well.
Don’t stop at the first stall you come across, wander around and look for what you like. You will surely find some lovely styles and a rainbow of colors to choose from.  It is also important to point out that this section of the market is also a great place to find gifts for family and friends back home as well as items for yourself to remember your visit to Daegu’s Seomun Market.
The market is not far from the center of downtown, actually a ten minute walk.  Or the monorail stops directly in front of the market.  Another great way to see the the city is the Daegu City Tour Bus.  It stops at the market several times a day on its’ way around the city.

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